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Golf By Stats is a powerful stand alone Mac App that collects, stores and analyses the golf you play with the aim of giving you fresh insights into your golf game. Armed with this knowledge you will be on the road to playing smarter and better golf. Golf By Stats can optionally collect, share, edit, analyse and examine all round data with Golf X Stats (iOS) via iCloud.

Golf By Stats (OS X) was modelled on Golf X Stats (iOS). Most of the features found in Golf By Stats are identical to those found in Golf X Stats.

To begin using Golf By Stats, just record your Strokes and Putts for each hole in your round. That’s all that is necessary to gain access to many of the powerful graphical and statistical analysis insights in your golf game. Both Apps have been designed for players playing 18 holes of golf either Stroke or Stableford with handicaps from 0 -36 for Men and 0 – 45 for Women.

Almost all functions are present and similar on both platforms. There are extensive internal search functions on both websites. Search the Golf X Stats (iOS) website to find further information.

Golf X Stats TV – Companion Apple TV App (Generation 4)

  You can now review and analyse your golfing performance on the ‘Big Screen’ from the comfort of your favourite chair. Using your statistics created and edited by ‘Golf X Stats’ or ‘Golf By Stats’ and shared via iCloud.

Golf X Stats TV’  contains the full set analysis and graphing features from ‘Golf X Stats’ (iOS) and ‘Golf By Stats’ (MacOS)Note: Golf X Stats TV’ (tvOS) does not create or edit your golfing statistics  but relies on golfing data created by either ‘Golf X Stats’ or ‘Golf By Stats’ and shared via iCloud. Find the ‘Golf X Stats TV’ App on your Apple TV Store.


We strongly recommend the use of iCloud to store and share the same set of private data from your account across both platforms. Only your iCloud account can access the records created by either of the Apps. Once created you can access your iCloud data on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac.

App Interface differences between OS X and iOS:

The major difference between the two platforms is the ability of Golf By Stats to have multiple windows open at the same time on the same screen. Menus are also different as Tabs are used in Golf X Stats but multiple menus and sub-menus are used in Golf By Stats.

There is only one Preference setting area in Golf By Stats. Preference settings can be found under the Golf-By-Stats Application menu item to the right of the Apple Menu or by pressing Command ‘,’ while running the App.

Analysis both graphical and statistical is almost exclusively performed on the Golf Course and Tees selected in the Preferences window.  There is some analysis that is performed when an individual ‘Round’ is reviewed as it contains references to the relevant Golf Course and Tees settings.

Knowledge gained from Golf By Stat’s Analysis of your play will direct your attention to targeted and purposeful practise that can improve your golfing experience.

Armed with greater knowledge about how you play each hole and tackling those areas where your performance can be improved will lead to better golf!

Good Golfing!